Lucid Dream (A spontaneous interpretation)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dream:
I’m driving fast in the left lane, guy comes out in the road out of nowhere trying to get hit, I swerve to miss him and the force of the sharp turn makes one of my breasts comes off in my hand. I woke up with the image of a perfect plump breast (not mine) with a perfect brown nipple in my hand undamaged with me imagining how to put it back on. I was driving a Porche roadster convertible.
I always have the most vivid memories of my dreams when I go back to sleep after waking up too early and I’m awakened by a noise. I’m not going to be able to shake that image of the supple breast in my hand for months (not sure I ever want to).

Now since everything in my dream is supposed to represent myself (Jung) let’s take a gander at what this might all mean.

The roadster speeding down the road? Me taking risks, looking 4 thrills, jumping into life, going head first with no safety net (convertible).
The man in road trying to get hit? Me trying to catch a bullet, me jumping on a train, or being self destructive, or trying to slow down.
The breast coming off unharmed, beautiful and healthy? A part of myself comes off and takes on a life of it’s own? Rebirth, creation by fire.
Me questioning how to put it back on myself but knowing its more beautiful now w/out me? Creation. An idea coming alive, vibrant and independent.
Wow that’s pretty crazy if I’m right about it. That’s how it felt to me also.

I’m going into a major creative phase right now with a new project. I treat all my projects the same. As an entrepreneur (in true sense of word) I bring my projects to life and then let them live on organically. I don’t always have a true idea of exactly what I want. Instead I have a feeling of what it should be so there is the risk or “speeding car” Me in the road trying to stop or hit the car is again me trying to nail the feeling or gist of that idea but I must somehow let go of it too. Because you can not be possessive or obsessive about your ideas.
You MUST allow others into it.
You MUST sell it and inspire others to jump on it.
The breast in my hand was so beautiful. It was really like a birth and me the proud parent of the creation but again a feeling of loss as well and the idea in my head of how do I put it back on. How do I now retain ownership of something that is now so independent yet a part of me.
This is EXACTLY how I feel about everything I have created and I swear to you this all just happened here on twitter in real time after my dream. I really don’t know if I am right about my analysis of the dream, but it sure feels right. All the things I have done I have had to let go of in many ways to move onto other ideas, and there is alot of separation anxiety with that, BUT I always leave the project in the hands of people I trust because I know they feel and understand the SOUL of the idea itself.

I cannot stop creating things and building things. If I do I die. The last three years have been all about this entity @theunknownchef (events that were out of my control grounded me for three years) It is very unusual for me to work like I have been here in an abstract space. Without a tangible physical creation. Just 0’s and 1’s. I want you all to understand the entity @theunknownchef is the personification of that frustration of NOT BEING ABLE to do something tangible. It also represents me in my RAW uncensored state. It really ISN’T me on so many levels. It is instead me on ONE LEVEL, but now I find myself in a conundrum. My main artistic energies now need to again be put into the physical world for a new project, and that is (unlike twitter) an all consuming thing. I must live and breathe this new project from deep in my soul. I must give it it’s due and then one day I must dispel it to live on it’s own and become what it will be organically with only my guidance and love of it. Like that soft supple breast in my hand from my dream I will look at it, love it and occasionally drink of it’s nutritious milk (pride).

and that’s all I have to say about that… (for now…)

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